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the ice is thin
by Haritsu (1865-1944)
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Child proofing your home has never been easier!

Baby Home Safety helps parents create a safe and secure environment for their baby through detailed child safety consultations, a complete range of child safety products, and professional installation of childproofing products.

We provide babyproofing services to families across most of San Diego County including North County Coastal, North County Inland, San Diego City Limits, Coronado, East County, and the South Bay Area.  We also serve the Temecula Valley and surrounding areas.

We also conduct workshops and seminars on child safety measures. These serve as useful forums where parents can come together, share their concerns, and learn more about how to childproof their homes.


Founded in 2000, Baby Home Safety has childproofed over 2,000 homes and has become a trusted name for childproofing services in San Diego County and the Temecula Valley.


Babies are naturally curious about the world around them and often develop mobility more quickly than parents might expect.  For many parents, the impetus for childproofing their home is the sudden realization that their baby is now mobile.  This could include rolling, scooting, crawling, or cruising—not just walking.

As seen on Fox 6 XETV August 2005, KFMB-TV May 2005, September 2003, & July 2003, KUSI-TV March 2003 & February 2001, and featured on "The Open House Show" July 2005 & June 2006!!



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At Baby Home Safety, our approach to childproofing and injury prevention is to guide parents in creating a trouble-free YES environment where their baby has the freedom to safely live and explore within limits.  Let us help make your home a safe and secure haven where interacting with your baby is the wonderful and joyous experience it should be!


Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Baby Home Safety is licensed with the California Contractors State License Board, and fully insured. To become licensed, a contractor must pass a state licensing examination, verify job proficiency and experience, and carry a license bond. So you can be assured that your child's safety is in the hands of expert and qualified childproofing professionals.



Know how to unlock bathroom doors from the outside.  Some toddlers have accidentally locked themselves in.  An emergency entry key is a necessity.


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