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Each year, 1 million children seek medical care because of unintentional injury, and approximately 50,000 suffer permanent damage, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Keeping a child physically safe is the most basic of all parental responsibilities.  The best defense against injury is to provide a safe environment for your child to explore and live in, along with constant supervision.

Our goal at Baby Home Safety is to provide parents and caregivers with valuable information to help guard against potential dangers to their children and to provide a complete line of childproofing products and professional installation services to make homes safe for babies and toddlers.



We recommend to all new parents to take a child's eye view of what your baby sees.  As a parent,  get down on your hands and knees and look around inside your home to get your baby’s perspective on the world.  You may be surprised at what you see!  The obvious hazards and dangers will stare right back at you.

The time to childproof your home is BEFORE a serious accident occurs.  Babies and toddlers are amazingly curious and develop mobility more quickly than parents might expect.  Our children are our most precious gifts.  Let’s do all we can to keep them safe.