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Baby Home Safety - Testimonials


“Thank you for childproofing our home. You worked quickly and efficiently, and the child safety products you installed are superior to other brands we've toddler tested. The only dissatisfied customer is little Jonathan, who tearfully screamed "OPEN" when he couldn't open the kitchen cupboards.”


 John & Tanya

San Marcos


“You do a wonderful job and provide an invaluable service. Thank you.”



Scripps Ranch


“Thank you so much for babyproofing our house.  I love being able to let Sean walk farther than arm's reach, and I think he loves it too.  I especially like the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.  It is so much better having the gates stop him than to have to redirect him ourselves.  Now we're no longer the enemy!”



Carmel Valley


“I was hesitant to hire someone to childproof my home as I feared they would try to sell me everything under the sun and make the house Fort Knox. To my surprise, Mike first asked what I wanted and how much I wanted the kids to have access to. He actually talked me out of putting Plexiglas along the stairs (which would have cost $400, so I know he was honest) and he didn't try to push anything I didn't want. I had babyproofed my old apartment and just used products from Babies R Us and The Right Start. His products were far superior and easier for my husband and I to use.”



San Elijo Hills


“Thank you again for your help in making our home a safer place.  Your company has been one of the most professional we have encountered in a very, very long time, and it is quite refreshing.  I will certainly be passing your card along.”



Del Mar


“Thank you for babyproofing our home. During the installation we appreciated that while you worked efficiently, you also took the time to do things correctly...measuring and carefully installing things properly, asking about our preferences as you went along. You took time to explain how things worked, made sure we felt comfortable with the job before you left, and encouraged us to call with questions anytime.”


Sandy & Steve

Scripps Ranch


“Childproofing my home has made my life much less stressful. No longer do I worry about my baby getting into the kitchen cabinets or falling down the stairs. Thank you.”



Carmel Valley


“It has been 30 years since we've had a toddler under our roof. Proper childproofing of a home has come a long way since then. We are very pleased with the way our home was surveyed and with the expert recommendations made. The installation of the products was prompt and professional. Grandma and Grandpa thank you for the peace of mind your service has provided.”

John & Jeanette
San Diego


I’d like to thank you for the service your company provided.  Mike was knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. I found your rates very reasonable and I was grateful that he was on time (early!) and worked very quickly. The safety tips booklet he left with me had some tips that wouldn't otherwise have occurred to me. I also appreciated the fact that he tactfully pointed out a couple of other potential hazards in my home without subjecting me to any unwanted sales pitches. I asked for extra business cards and have recommended you to friends. Thank you again, very much, for helping to make my home safer for my daughter.”



Lemon Grove


“Thank you again for everything. My son has tested out all the baby proofing items and can’t seem to get past them--what a success! My entire playgroup knows about your services and will hopefully be contacting you in the near future.”



Solana Beach


“We very much appreciated all your hard work and professionalism in making our home safer and more relaxed!”






“We are so pleased with the babyproofing that you recently did in our home, along with the tips that you provided, and just in the nick of time! You seem to have great knowledge because you identified all the trouble spots that Mateo immediately headed for with his new-found skill of crawling. Thankfully, with your help, we've done our best to avoid any accidents. Your obvious expertise in identifying hazards, and skill in installation, has given us peace of mind, and allows us to enjoy, rather than constantly worry, during this fun time of exploration. We really, really appreciate it - thank you!!”


 Susan & Paul

Point Loma


“I absolutely LOVE the plexiglas you installed on our balcony!  It looks great (barely even noticeable) and our baby loves to crawl around upstairs and look down from the balcony.  If the plexiglas were not there, I think he would have fallen or gotten his head stuck trying so hard to look down into our living room.  So, both he and I love it!  Thanks!”



Rancho Bernardo


“I think of myself as having high standards for service providers. Baby Home Safety exceeded all of my expectations. They were organized and prompt. Their estimate was fair and all materials were itemized. They also informed me of other ways to make my home safer for my baby that I had not considered. During the actual childproofing of the house, the folks at Baby Home Safety were prepared with all of the materials they needed, the installation was clean, and they summarized in writing the work completed and the costs incurred down to the penny. I was so impressed by their honesty and thoroughness. Their service was very affordable and I am really glad I used a professional childproofing company.  I intend to recommend Baby Home Safety to all of my friends.”



Ocean Beach